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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What are the advatages of living in SAIPAN

There are actually so many advantages in living on a tropical island. And that for sure is a the clean enviroment, congenial people, less traffic, less crime, and most of all good nature. These advantages are few of the reason why people choose to stay in an island like SAIPAN.

First advantages is clean environmnent. Saipan may seem really tin

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Classification Essay

There are only few reason on why students are not devoted to their studies.
That divide them to three section. Active, Lazy, and neutral.

First of all, the ACTIVE batch. Well, everyone knows that education is the key to successs. That is why the active batch are doing their best to pass the class and devote their time to study and read books to learn more often. They actually can spend their time staying at the library all day or even ditch their friends just to

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

LoVe @ FiRsT SiGhT

I still remember the day, I attended my friends birthday party. And the usual we drank hard liqour, sang (karaoke, Chit chats and picture taking. This day took place at my friends house at Garapan. So unexpectedly, while sitting down on the side of the couch. A young virile twenty-eight years old stood up in frong of me and sang me a LOVE SONG. Apparently i blushed. But i didn't made it so obvious that i admire his way of flirting. Although it seems do flippant, I thnk it was his way of showing that he is intrested or likes someone. At that moment it;s really hard to tell whether it is a love at first sight or it was just a fling between us. But the more he glanced at me the more i blushed. And the longer u stayed at the party the better we gotten to know each other very well. So as of thast moment i think ir was more like a love at first sight to me.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

..How To Make Coco Papaya..

One of the basic ways to make a delicious appetizer. First step is to peel off the skin and slice the papaya into thin slices. After slicing, put sliced papaya in a bowl then rinse it with salt. Then after rinsing, add salt, vinegar, black pepper and a pinch of food coloring. Mix well and ready to serve.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

" what is Friendship "

Talking about friendship is really touching, but getting to know the true meaning of friendship is really one experience i'll never forget. One reason is because most of them ended up backstabbing, betraying and talking behind one another.For me, that is not my idea of defining a FRIENDSHIP.
I realize that the true meaning of friendship is all about "being who you are." Not only for being yourself but to be an open minded person. Because that's what a friend really need, but showing the world the "n0t" natural you will end up with an ugly relationship. For instant, a true friend is a person that really would be there for me no matter what. Through thick and thin, through a very rough road. A friend that is always there by our side is a person we consider a true friend. And one important thing is TRUSTWORTHY.
Sometimes, Friendship doesnt always end up with good relationship. So i assure that having an open relationship/friendship will all be worth at the end.

====>>>>>Friendship is a promise made in the heart...silent....inwritten...unbreakable
by distance..unchangeable by time<<<<<<<<<=======================

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


TORETE in filipino means PARANOID. Using the word TORETE is describing someone inlove and paranoid on the other hand. Or lets say when she or he is having alot of thoughts regarding their teared up relationship. Torete comes in their mind. TORETE is mostly used when an arguement between a couple start to appeal.There is also another meaning for this word TORETE which is BANGAG. Meaning when your on drugs you used this to express and describe that you cant do anything but to just lay down and that your under some circumstances because the cell in your body say to do so. There are actually alot of meaning for TORETE and this example are the basic one. We filipino randomly used the word torete when expressing our feelings of irrational fears. It is because there are certain way how we express the way paranoid is to us. But behind this examples of TORETE, we used this a commonly an idiom in filipino.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spring Semester 2006

Its finally 2006. Year of the DOG. And everyone seems so paranoid about what their NEW YEAR RESOLUTION is. But as for me i feel like nothing has change but the date of the year. Anyhow since its another semester for me in ENGLISH 84, I for sure have to start all over again with my writings.
I, first of all want to welcome all the readers to my blog. And please feel free to leave a comment upon reading my writings. I hope in any chance this comment would help get some ideas in my writings and make a corretion.I also want to welcome everyone to inform me regarding my writings and will challenge me with a college vocabularies.
So that my writing in english will look more appopriate and suffice to present.
I Fortunately wish that,this semester in this class will definitely enhance my writings. And will pass me to a higher level of writing, although college writing is really intricate to understand I very much acclaim that ill pass this semester for ENGLISH 84. Lastly i will pray and hope that everyone would pass this class and move on to a higher level of english writing class..Thanks everyone.